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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is a serious problem..... I have these tomatoes ripening left and right and they are soooo good. I'm actually quite surprised I love them so much because I'm not really a tomato person. and definitely not a cherry tomato person. I hate the feeling of the tomato bursting in your mouth. yuck. I do not like tomatoes in salad, but I do like a good tomato sliced thick with salt and pepper. mmmmm. these are perfect for that (even though they are small) they are so yummy with a little s&p. yay for the first veggies yielded from my delectable garden.


Karen said...

Looks yummy! You know what's good? Take a ritz cracker, once slice of tomato and a slice of cheese. Stack em up on the cracker, and If your mouth is big like mine, you can stick the whole thing in your mouth and let the tastes collide in your mouth. Okay, I must be hungry, but man, that is a really yummy snack!

Belle said...

GF! My tomatoe plant is growing strong with lots of buds...but no tomaotes yet! If you need to get some off your hands, you can always count on me! :)