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FHE moment

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hey all- I just had to share a neat something that happened at FHE tonight. It was unusually quiet and nice tonight because Matthew fell asleep before we had FHE (he's been sick and I ran him ragged today with my errands I had to run all over town). Aaron gave a lesson about being clean. He had Megan close her eyes and told her to picture going to church. Walking to the doors and seeing unmowed grass with lots of clumps of weeds in it, then going inside and seeing walls with dirty hand prints and crayon scribbles all over, then past the cultural hall and seeing plates of old food stacked up and tables and chairs strewn every which way, and then into the chapel where there are programs stuffed behind hymn books and cheerios, broken crayons, and crumpled papers all over the floor. He had Megan open her eyes and tell her how that made her feel. She said "sad." (luckily we keep the church clean- this story made me feel a little sad, too) He explained how the spirit wants to dwell in clean places and then explained that to have the spirit in our home, we need to help mommy clean up. That if you see something, even a tiny thing, that is not in it's place, you should pick it up and put it away so that our house will stay nice and we can feel the spirit here. Megan said- "oh that's just like my dream! It was in this house and then the holy ghost walked in the door and mommy gave him a big hug!" I just started to cry- what a beautiful metaphor! I told Megan that that's the most important thing to me is that the spirit can be in our home and if I could see him when he did come I would give him the biggest hug ever. Megan saw my tears and said "I never make you THIS happy!" ha ha- I explained to her that the spirit was there and sometimes I cry when I know he's there. What a great FHE!


Jenny Knudsen said...

That was such a sweet story. Thanks for sharing. I know what our next FHE is going to be ;) You have such wonderful kids.

Nikki said...

Aw that is the sweetest story! I'm telling ya- you guys have done such a great job with your kids! They are seriously little sweethearts. And I love the lesson! Such a great way to put that so Megan could see the importance. I just have to tell you- I was talking to a friend that used to teach primary and she was saying how amazed she was at how much the children knew their scriptures and gospel topics, and then she said "especially Megan Shumway. I can tell her parents do a good job telling her about the scriptures." just thought you might want to know that! ;)

Brenden+Nikki said...

Oops by the way that last comment was from me. Logged in under the wrong account.