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Megan the Great and the Great Marie Curie

Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Rainy Monday to you! 
I have had a GREAT day today and I hope you enjoyed the rain and cold weather as much as I did :)

Megan cracks me up.  She read me something she wrote in school today while I was organizing her closet and I laughed so hard that I thought maybe you'd enjoy it, too.

She was supposed to write a sentence that followed these requirements:
1. It had to be declarative
2. It had to use the word famous
3. It had to contain an adverb ending in -ly
Here's what that kid thought up.  What a hoot.

"The famous monster movie star named Lomsyus from the planet Humogolon waved one of his fourteen small green arms slowly at the crowd while devouring a Thanksgiving turkey."

On a completely unrelated note, I'm wondering how many of you saw the Google Doodle today in honor of Marie Curie, who essentially donated her body (and life) to science.  If you haven't read anything about her today (her 144th birthday), here's a link to a really interesting article.  Enjoy it.  I did.