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Halloween costumes and other interesting stuff

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween night. 
Matthew was Indiana Jones (with a real whip made by friend David Gibbens)
Aaron was "life" and had boxes of lemon heads to hand out
I was Grecian handmaiden to Megan, who was the goddess Aphrodite (She's been really in to Greek Mythology for the last 6 months).
(I had already made my outfit for a program I sang in called Women at the Well a litte over a year ago, so all I had to make last week was Megan's outfit and jewelry and Matthew's leather satchel)

......and heeeeere's Johnny!
As you can see I had a lot of projects going on at once, but
Johnny= the minky quilt I made for my Brittney (otherwise referred to as B or really any word that starts with B).  Holy Fazolis minky fabric is the devil. My house was a fuzzy fluffy mess when I was done. All of the pieced side is fur, there is no stuffing, and the other side is actually made from a very high thread count sheet so it's nice and soft, too.  This is folded into fourths in this pic, I think.  It's basically big enough to wrap a baby in and small enough for a little kid to carry around while sucking their thumb.  And soft enough to never want to leave behind :)  I want one for me now.... too bad I got all the fabric from the fur scrap pile (any fabric left on the bolt that was less than a yard) at SAS and had barely enough for the baby quilt. no duplicating.... booo...  well, there is a teeny tiny little bit left... hmmm.... what to make, what to make.... 
It's funny- Megan will say Mom, can I have your scraps?  and I'll say uhhh honey, Mommy doesn't have scraps. Anything I have left over is just fabric I'm saving for another project.  ha.  it's so true.  but I give her some anyway.

Some funny things the kids said today:
Matt told Megan that her feet were "EXTREMELY smelly." (which, really, that boy's feet smell like pedivomit, so he's the world's shortest hypocrite)
and when we were singing the name game (you know, Stephy Stephy bo bephy banana fanna fo feffy me mi mo mephy, Stephy)
Megan said, no one do "Mutthead" cause that would be bad.
Oh, AND the 6 year old genuinely beat me in a thumb war tonight.  What has the world come to?  I think I'm going to have to cut down on the protein I feed that kid.

Kids make life so much more interesting.  In an innocent funny sweet kind of way.


Anonymous said...

ha ha, now i get aarons costume. i wasn't really paying attention that night.