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August in retrospect

Friday, August 29, 2008

Ok, so I've been bad about posting pictures and happenings from this month- I can't find my camera, so I'm blaming it on that. however I do have a webcam and took a few pics of my new haircut. It's the same type of wedge cut as last time, but I went shorter with more texture.

One a completely different note, Megan is LOVING kindergarten! A week ago she was called to the front of the flag ceremony in front of the whole school and the principal gave her a neat white pencil for being a kind person. It turns out she had tried to console a little girl who was crying a few days before. What a sweetie. We just went to the curriculum night and her teacher said that by the end of the school year they will be adding double digits and be introduced to fractions. In kindergarten! Crazy. On the meet the teacher day (the day before she started school), Megan met a girl named Amelia in the playground that was going to be in her class and they found a little frog together. Well, it turns out that Megan isn't so great at remembering faces. The other day an exasperated Megan got in the car after school and said "Amelia thinks her name is Rorie." HA HA HA. It turns out Amelia thinks her name is Amelia and Rorie thinks her name is Rorie, it's just that Megan thinks Rorie is Amelia. Too funny.

One last note- I finished the fences and they are in- I only have to plant in a few weeks and find my camera so I can show you all!


Kellie said...

Your hair is soooo cute that way...I got your blog off of facebook :) so thanks for posting it there...I am waiting everyday for the white fences :) Hope you guys are doing well!

Brandis said...

I love your hair, it looks really cute like that! I like your "Be" board on the wall behind you too. :)

Aundrea said...

Steph, love the hair, very hot!!!

The SITS Girls said...

WHAT a cute haircut!!! I love it! Very sassy.