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Nickname Mania

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hey everyone. I was inspired to write about this because I read this post: from one of my SITSas.

It got me thinking about all the nicknames in my family:
Cami was Cami Whammy, Peanut, or StepherCam
I was Stephy Weffy, Demanie, KaterSteph, or CamerSteph.
Katie was Katie Batey, Boot Worm, Mushroom head, or StepherKate
Rob was AquaMan
We had a name for our Van: Big Barbara
Every time someone opens a chirstmas present we either all shout "It's a sweater!" (from three amigos), "It's a box!" or "It's a poop-bomb!"

From my husband's side:
Aaron's mom called him Bonzo,
his Dad's name is William but everyone knew him as Sonny growing up
and his sister Karen is K-Dawg.

In our own family:
I always call Megan, "sis" and one of our favorite nicknames for her is Megaroni and cheese.
Matthew is boy, monkey, bubby, buster, and hoobee doobee.
I used to call Aaron, Aaronhead (as in Air-in-head) all the time, but I stopped because it was lame :o)
I like to call Marshmellows "Marshy-mo's"

It's so fun to get nostalgic. Thanks for the idea,

Leave a comment and tell me about your nicknames!


Court said...

Courtney: courtney-snortney, court, scooter (jr high sftbl), baby-cakes
Dan: boone, danny boy, ice cream head
Porter: shorty, short stack, tiger shark

Court said...

Victoria's Secret= Vickies
Target= Tarjae
Church=Jesus (Porter's)
play wit Ian= mommy working out while porter goes into nursery at gym

Aundrea said...

k, so i totally just a flashback of Big Barbara. Remember when she broke down after school one day and me & amanda pushed her up a slight hill and in front of all the buses? none of us could stop laughing, i can't believe we pushed it as far as we did. priceless!!!