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Start being AWESOME

Monday, January 23, 2012

With all of the stress that I feel with everything that's going on right now (school, moving, no health insurance, money, blah blah blah)  I find myself trying to think of all of the things that make me happy so I don't explode....  soooo here's a list of a few.

Things that have made me happy in the last few days:
1. When my kids play together uninterrupted for hours.  They love playing pretend.
2. When Matthew is shy and hides his face in me when I introduce him to people.
3. The fact that when my tooth broke on a lifesaver I was chewing today I happened to be looking straight at/speaking with my dentist after Matthew's dentist appointment, so he just brought me back and looked at it. It made me miss even more school though.
4. Lemon sandwich cookies sooooaked in milk.
5. The scale that tells me that even though I ate badly in the last week I haven't gained anything.
6. Realizing that that same scale is off by 5 pounds and I'm not going to say any more....(only makes me happy cause it's funny- otherwise punishable by death)
7. Sisters who know when something's wrong and try to make it right. 
8. A brand new neice born at home on Saturday - Hazel Jane Rasmussen (named after my great grandma and mom)
9. Quotes I've pinned 
10. The Fablehaven series I've been reading on my kindle
11. Skinny cow icecream sandwiches
12. Friends I can be stupid with in the green room.


Clarissa B. said...

Ooo what is a lemon sandwich?

Lori Thompson said...

"start being awesome" oh, GF you already are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brenden+Nikki said...

I have that yellow sign pinned on my Pinterest too :). But I REALLY like the first quote about taking a nap. Amen to that. You already know this, but you'll come out of all this a stronger person. Seriously. And I agree with Lori. Especially because you have such an awesome perspective. I seriously don't know how you do everything you do. If I had that much going on in my life I'd be losing hair. Ha ha. Love you!

Stephanie Shumway said...

Lori- no, YOU are. ;) this could go on for days
Nikki- Who says I'm not losing hair? lol.
Clarissa- Oops, did I not say cookies? you know the cheepy lemon cookies with filling-like oreos but lemon flavor? yeah, they're one of my faves.

All about the Monaghans said...

I think that you do a great job just surviving. I wish i was there and cold give you a hug, It will be alright.
Just so you know your not the only one overwhelemed check out my blog updates. I just gave an overview. I havnt really even had time to catch my breath since our first move on campus; all the way back in april 2011!

Nancy said...

Happy thoughts, as little as they are, sure do help stop the stress for a minute or two.

Sera Lucia said...

We made the happy list! :) Hooray!
Just close your eyes and think about laying on a beach in Dom, eating a banana fresh from the tree and getting all nice and brown.
And always remember that we love you love you love you!