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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wow.  If I buy all my books new
(which I will be doing for a majority of them which are published in 2012- reallly!?? 2012?  You guys are on your game. [the game of ripping off students])
then I will be spending $515.00 this week on insanely overpriced paper full of information of which I will only learn 40% this semester. 
That's a lot of money. sheesh!  At least I have Monday to enjoy as my last weekday of freedom before the semester starts- which will include a Bahama Mama Rama from Bahama Bucks and I'm sure some lazy reading-time and some cleaning-time. 
And some making crystals at home with the kids-time. 
I just have to stop by the store for some ammonia first. <---yes, I know that was random.  But hey, my life is random.
Hasta!  Enjoy your Martin Luther King Jr day!

PS- Aaron is behind me watching Doctor Who (Doctor 9 season). how's that for random?