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Sweet won't be able to tear your eyes off it!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh my GOSH this is such a cool video I had to post it!


Lea said...

hey guys! this is lea lines. long time no see.

i came across your blog on kate lines' blog. i saw the pics that she took of your cute kiddos!

hope that all is well!

jwoolley said...

I absolutely love this video and even relate to it in a lot of ways. Very cool and I like the song. Gracias.

Katie Rasmussen said...

I just read Carter your comment, all he said was "Evil Harwards". :) Ok, so the reasons we went to China... I there was the International Jewelry Show in Hong Kong that week and we're getting into jewelry with our company, so we thought we'd go to that. We also had a meeting in Hong Kong with a company that we want to manufacture some packaging for us. Then we went to Shanghai to meet with our agent (guy who knows a lot of companies and helps us pick which one we want to use for manufacturing and supplies). We were looking for a good source for pearls (that's what we're starting out with for jewelry). We also had a few more things to meet with him about (different products we want manufactured). But really all of this is a cover up to go and get massages. :) We had one every night and OH MY, we need some over here, they're amazing! Is that enough details? ;)

Katie Rasmussen said...
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Bunker Family said...

that is such a cool video!