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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Starting April 1st 2009 – April 1st 2010, using what is called a “ Culture Pass ”, you can get a group of 4 into the following places for FREE:

AZ Museum for Youth
AZ Museum of Natural History
AZ Science Center
The Bead Museum
Cave Creek Museum
Children’s Museum of Phoenix
Desert Botanical Garden
Heard Museum
Mesa Contemporary Arts
Phoenix Art Museum
Phoenix Zoo
Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
Taliesin West

All you need is a library card in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Tempe. Go to any one of these libraries and ask to check out a pass for the particular place you would like to go. You will be given a pass for 4 that basically just expires after 7 days so you don’t have to return it or anything!! Go anytime from April 1st 2009 – April 1st 2010 and enjoy cold museum A/C with the family for FREE!!!

Check out for more information and fun activities!!!!


Kellie said...

I was just wondering if we had anything like that down here! Thanks for the info...I am totally excited to check a few of those places out!

vanessa said...

Thanks for the info! Hey do you want to try to get together sometime?

vanessa said...

Thanks for the info! Hey do you want to try to get together sometime?

Jenny said...

wow awesome list of free! thanks for sharing, time to locate my missing library card. i have been itching to take my kiddos to a museum :)