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i am a mom/wife/textile designer gone haywire. I love to sing(music/arts AA degree), craft, exercise, and be goofy. Just living life outside the norm. And the norm thanks me for it. Oh yeah, and I like me some haikus. . . . . . . . . . What are we up to currently? Aaron recently started medical school at Ross University on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean, and the kids and I are along for the crazy ride :)

Decorate a Gingerbread house. You know, for kids!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Ok, I hope she forgives me for using her graphics, but I figured since it's to promote her website, she'd be ok with it- This is a great site for your kiddos to play on to get in the holiday spirit! Click here or on the image to decorate your own gingerbread house! Jenny B Harris is a children's illustrator and has made a bunch of these types of games associated with her sites and you should check out her great illustrations, games, and her etsy store :o) I've loved what I've seen so far and can't wait to see more!