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Red Rock

Saturday, August 18, 2012

On the other side of the island there is a resort called Red Rock.  It's an absolutely beautiful place with bungalows interspersed with jungle and set against huge red cliffs that have been shaped and smoothed by the water and wind.  At the beach bar they have tables shaded by palm frond umbrellas that are underlit at night.  This place is absolutely magical.  We went with the Ashton/Green/Roses, Beares, and Ally LeClair when she visited.

Aaron and Charlie Beare- She looks so tiny!

The sand at this beach is very coarse.  You can find a lot of shells and miniature sea urchin skeletons washed up on the shore.

There I am in the background collecting for the sea urchin skeletons
 Here's an example of what they look like.  They are SUUUUPER thin and fragile.

Matthew and Taeyon heading in for dinner
 Zoned out.....
 I love how we are in this amazing place and the kids are playing games on their iphones...  lol  Except for Colin and Megan.  They're making googly eyes at eachother.

Makin smores!  

 yay fire

See the ocean in the background?  I love this place.
What a great day at Red Rock!  Can't wait to come again!