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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welllll... a lot.  a lot is up.  so much so that I might need to remove my brain to extract all of the information I want to share with you because my recall is laughably lacking. Ok, where were we? <-----SEE?!?!

Oh, the Thee Pitts Again post- I was waiting for my dad to send me some of the pictures he took, but maybe I'll just post what I've got. 

At the end of January my parents flew down for the day to take me to a special birthday lunch.  (awwww) I chose a restaurant from my "Restaurants I need to visit before I die" list (Yes, there is such a list and the NEXT restaurant in the line-up is The Burger House in Miami, AZ. I hear they have killer burritos)

But most of the restaurants on our list are ones we have seen on one of our favorite food network shows, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  Here is the clip from the show of Thee Pits Again:

In fact, this notorious list was created because we have a running contest with our friends to see who can visit the most restaurants that have been featured on this show throughout the US. When we're planning a trip we look up our destination city on the Triple D's website to see if we can also visit/cross off another restaurant. so there you have it.

Meg n Matt trying to decide....  Nice decore, eh? It was deliciously hideous.  Pigs everywhere.  Not real ones, fake ones... oh wait, I guess there were real ones, but not alive real ones... ehhh anyway....

 Awwwwwww  We love Grandpa!
Grandma and Matthew (he was being such a little stinker that day- keep reading to find out why...

 ONION RINGS... Holy Hannah these were the king of onion rings.  I ate mine with a fork. Yeah, they are that huge. AND the batter is to die for.  It was a thin, smooth, crispy coating and just salty enough to stimulate those salivary glands into a frenzy.  Bite Description: Crunch, firm yet soft sweet onion cooked to perfection, salt/sweet combo in just the right proportions. So gooood.... nom nom nom

It didn't need it, but we also had it with ranch.... drool. 

 Now, Aaron saw these on the menu and HAD to get them.  It's a little bucket of battered fried dill pickles.  That's what I said. fried pickles.  Every dietician I know would be turning in their grave right now.  Well, I don't know any dead dieticians, so maybe not.  But if they had a grave, they'd turn in it.
Absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever, but they actually are ok.  I was a bigger fan when they cooled down a little.  Not such a big fan of the hot pickle.  A Special thank you to our hand model, Mrs. Jane Harward Mcgillicutty the third.

Hee hee- I skinnyfied this picture.  I hated how my dumb arm looked in that shirt.  It always makes my arms look bad.  And yet I wear it.  Why?????  I guess I just like the shirt.  This is what I like to call a "love/hate but I'll still wear you" relationship. 
Sorry mom- I know your eyes are closed in this picture... but trust me, this was the best one.  you'll thank me when I show you the others. lawl.

Le food arrives!
Pulled Pork sandwiches and happy face fries for the kiddos

Ok, this bad boy is the Pork and Slaw Sandwich... It was a beast.  The slaw was crunchy and creamy- a little tangy. The Pork was so soft I didn't need a toothpick afterward. And the sauce? wow. It had a little kick and was sooo savory.  I don't actually remember how I ate this.  it's as big as my head.  Alls I know is it was yummy but I only ate half of it.... and then a few hours later I ate the other half.  and then a few hours later I gained 2 pounds per thigh.  I'm just taking one for the team.  (In case you were wondering, YOU are the team and if you don't visit because of this post, I'll be very disappointed.  My "I'm serious" eyebrow is raised.  I'm serious.)

Yup, That's a whole rack of amazingly tender pork ribs Aaron's got there.  I believe that he consumed all of them.  and the fork too- it was a devil retrieving it. I'm jealous that on the Atkins diet he can eat stuff like this and lose weight- this was a day off the diet though. The rest of his meal is on the second plate there, and those seasoned fries were SO GOOD!  The corn bread, not so much.
booo. I hate giving bad reviews, so lets just move on to the next picture. It was dry. oh darn- that just slipped out. Man, I have no linguistic filter. (Right Brittney???)

Matthew liked it.  poor kid looks like he got hit by a truck.  He had been throwing up the night before (yes, mommy dearest {aka me} had to clean it up.  I hate when they get sick and throw up all over their toys and you have to wash each one) We ended up bringing a little trash can with us and kept it under the table in case he got sick again.  HA HA we are sooooo W.T.

 Cue Fried Twinkie. 
Ahh shoot, you missed it.  I guess we were too eager to dig in... I had to say "WAIT!!! stop eating!! I need a picture."  I'm lucky I got away with my life.

It totally changed the composition of the Twinkie.  A true culinary masterpiece.  Who knew?

Thanks, Mom, and Dad, for making me feel super special and taking my family and me out to lunch!  Love you! 

Uhhhhbuhdee, Uhbuhdee, Uhbuhdee
That's all Folks!


Jenny Knudsen said...

Happy Late Birthday! I am lame without facebook telling me what to do that day I am lost. I gotta get off that thing. I miss you and I am glad you had a super special day with your parents!

Sera Lucia said...

Thanks for making me salivate uncontrollably. And when you guys come back up here we can hit the Red Iguana and Ruth's Diner! (both on "Triple D")
AND last but not least, when did we ever call Mom Mcgillicutty? and THE THIRD? You just took my nickname and swirled it around a little bit. Preposterous. :)
Oodles of gushy love!

goldfixe said...

Totally jealous of you food escapades! Oh, and is there a particular reason you have a song in Portuguese on your playlist? At first I thought "this sounds different but I can understand them" then I realized what I was hearing.

Karen said...

Love that you had so much fun and your goal to see all the restaraunts. Looks yummy. I miss you and I have tried calling you but your phone isn't working and it was during the day and if I had called Aaron I wouldn't have gotten you. Call me I want to see you!