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Upload Extravaganza~ PART 2

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More pictures!

I had to include this picture just because I
1. never get asperagus just right but I did this time after blanching it, and 
2. I never cook with shrimp, but this was sooo easy!
My homemade (and made-up) fettucini alfredo with asperagus and shrimp.  It was delectable. 
The kids loved it and so did Aaron :) yay!

 Just a little shot of the kids playing Dance Central on Kinect for Xbox360.  fun stuff.

 Dun duh duh duuuuh!
Our trip to Showlow for superbowl weekend.... 
Here is Matt and our friend, Savannah, about to go sled (they got some air off the rocks halfway down the "hill" and had a mad snowball fight).

 nom nom vaseline lips.

 Meg donned the skeletal gloves. pretty hardcore, if you ask me.

 Aww. Me and the Megster.  Since the last time the kids played in the snow was all the way back when Aaron busted his leg open, these guys don't remember snow-play protocal. I had to throw some snowballs in kids' faces to get the snowball fight started. I found no joy in it whatsoever. I wish you could see my dead-pan face. no joy. none.

 Trip home... Matthew and Houston zonked in the car.

Next Subject...
 Used our last fat burger groupon.... holy huge burger.


 Really cool hipstamatic effects on this pic... sorry, I have no idea what they were or I'd spill it.

and a preview of the next post.... Thee Pitts Again.
wee wah.
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peachytiffers said...

We've been told to go to The Pitts Again forever but never get there! We did just go to Chino Bandido, only my first time, I guess Jake used to go when he was little. Wow, I totally forgot about that leg ordeal until you just mentioned it. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun....and without us too. :( jk, keep living life!