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i am a mom/wife/textile designer gone haywire. I love to sing(music/arts AA degree), craft, exercise, and be goofy. Just living life outside the norm. And the norm thanks me for it. Oh yeah, and I like me some haikus. . . . . . . . . . What are we up to currently? Aaron recently started medical school at Ross University on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean, and the kids and I are along for the crazy ride :)


Thursday, March 3, 2011

(I forgot to do haiku wednesday yesterday)

Do not wax your lip
It always ends in heartache (or lip-ache)
pink skin 'stache = not hip


Karen said...

Steph where have you been? I miss you! I have sent you texts and called your phone and haven't heard anything back. You knew I had my baby right? In case you didn't hear the news, she was born Feb 9th. I posted some pics on my blog. Love ya

Julie said...

Love the picture and the haiku, but I would rather have a pink 'stache that fades away than a hairy lip...any day! :-)

Valerie Shumway said...

"A haiku that's late
Is better than no haiku."
-Retroku author.