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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Last weekend we drove to Utah to attend my Grandma Harward's funeral in American Fork, UT. I'm too tired right now to even think about talking about it, but just know that everything's ok.  She has been ready to go home for quite some time now....years, even.  I took this picture Monday on the way home after we passed through a blizzard and entered AZ.  Its a bright, happy picture and it warmed my heart.  I'll tell you more about the weekend later... maybe.  I'm just going to use this picture as a placeholder until I feel like writing about the experience.  I love you, Grandma.


Jenny Knudsen said...

I love you. I know how you feel and I am glad you were able to go to Utah to be with your family. You are wonderful. YOU are a great friend :)

peachytiffers said...

I'm sorry for the rough experience. It's always hard and bittersweet. My grandparents are from Salem. That is a beautiful picture. Warms my heart too. :) Love you Steph!