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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thought I'd catch y'all up on what's going on....
The Sound of Music show was a hit and even though I had a really hard time with the whole Aaron kissing another woman right in front of me every night as Captain Von Trapp, I'm reeeeally glad we did it.  I noticed that Aaron has been a million times happier since we did it, which is WONDERFUL. 
So now that I know how to help my husband to be happy and fulfilled, I am gung-ho. I wrote up his acting resume and sent his headshot and resume around... I got him an audition for Fred in a Christmas Carol at Hale Centre Theater yesterday, which he nailed (yet to hear).  I got him an audition for a Fulton Homes commercial tomorrow, and he's going to audition for Sound of Music at the Broadway Palm Dinner theater later this month.  We are also going to be Dickens Caroling with Copperstar Repertory Company (the company that put on Sound of Music) next month to earn a little extra cash. woot!  busy busy.

Megan and Matthew did well in their poetry contests despite the fact that I didn't practice it with them at all except for the time I taught it to them.  Matt had a harder time remembering it (cause really, I wrote it and I didn't even remember it...booo bad busy mom.) and they had to prompt him.  He got an honorable mention :)  Megan pretty much remembered hers because she's got an amazing brain. seriously. She usually remembers a poem or verse after hearing it once. kuh razy head.  She got third place in the 2nd grade division.

This Thanksgiving is going to be fun.  Our good friends, Nick and Shelly Goodman are hosting Thanksgiving for their friends and family in the Chateau de Vie - If I haven't told you about the Chateau yet, forgive me.  Nick bought a mansion in Chandler that they plan to make into a reception center for weddings, parties, etc.  it's pretty amazing.  They have to get it rezoned and need the community to agree to it, so they had an open house for the community to come and tour it and have a meeting in the lakehouse.  I led tours.  It was a lot of fun.  Also, if you saw any of the pictures from the press release of Sound of Music, the pictures were taken at the Chateau.  Nick's sister in law is a photographer who is doing mini family photo shoots at the mansion- here is a plug for her and shots of the property


Clarissa B. said...

Hooray for all your acting parts and your hubbys! Thats so awesome.

And HELLO they are genius. I actually know exctly where that mansion is because its right by my familys house. That is SOO smart to make it a reception Hall. How FUN! I sure everyone in the community will agree.