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Poetry Contest

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meg and Matthew have a poetry competition coming up for school and needed poems to recite.  I looked online and didn't find quite the right poems for them so I just wrote some real quick today.

Here's Meg's

Turkey Day
It’s turkey day! Gobble Gobble!
We’re gonna eat til we wobble
With all our chums
Until we need tums
And then back home we will hobble

It’s Turkey day, what a treat!
There’re so many things here to eat!
Stuffing and yams
Potatoes and hams
Black Olives and jiggly red beets

It’s Turkey Day! Family’s here!
From all their homes, far and near
To celebrate blessings
With turkey and dressings
Thank you , Lord, for miracles dear.

Stephanie Shumway

Here's Matt's
 I love Christmas
I love Christmas! Do you know why?
There are candy canes, elves, and reindeers that fly!
Stockings with oranges way down in the toe
Twinkly lights, carols, and don’t forget snow!
But do you know why I love Christmas the best?
Baby Jesus was born so that we could be blessed.
-Stephanie Shumway

Here is a runner up. I started writing it for Matt, but it got too long.
Cookies for Santa
I’m leaving out cookies for Santa
So he can stay all fat and pudgy
There’s a reason that he stays so happy
It’s cause he eats chocolate that’s fudgy

He starts out so thin in November
But as holidays come he gets plump
Eating turkey and taters and dressing
And his favorite: Roasted Rump!
So I’m leaving out cookies for Santa
To help him fit in his red suit
It’s a way to say thank you to Saint Nick
For all of this sweet Christmas loot.
-Stephanie Shumway


Brenden+Nikki said...

I just have to tell you that my friend Elisa is Matt's primary teacher. She sent me a text that said "Do you know the Shumway's (which made me laugh because I'm like um ha ha yeah, I pretty much lived with Stephanie every Wednesday for about 2 years :) ). anyways, she's like: "Their son Matt is so cute. I know I shouldn't pick favorites, but I can't help it."

I told her I understood. And that if she loved Matt, she'd love Megan too.

Anyway, cute poems :).