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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today's theme: Exercise

This morning we left the basketball court lights off during our workout..... I remarked how weird it was to wake up to exercise so early that you can still see the stars when you start.

Five in the morning
Star gazing, sweat in my eyes
Orions weight belt

Link up, yo!  I changed the linky dink since some people don't have a blog to which they can link. You can just fill in your haiku if you don't have a blog. Otherwise, the rules remain the same. You have until midnight tonight to write your exercise haiku. woot woot!
ADDED NOTE!! When you post, put two spaces then a slash and two spaces again between lines.  so.... Huffy Puffy Me / Wheezing while I push and pull / Back of Parking Lot


trevor the lion hearted said...

I don't exercise,
Even though I know I should.
Whatev, eff that shiz.