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Garden Tour

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I decided to make this garden tour a post of it's own instead of adding it to the last post. That's so it will show up as a change on my blog and people will actually come and check it out :o). I just need to apologize for how annoying I am in this video. sorry. Listen to the way i say peppers- what the heck kind of accent is that? Also, I turn the vid on it's side at times but it eventually turns back, so just bear with me!

Since then.....
My tomato and pepper plants are twice as big as they are in the movie and it's only a week later!

My mixed greens have grown and I cleaned up all the dead leaves- looks a little more appetizing, eh?When you saw my brussel sprout plant in the video, were you wondering where the actual sprouts were?

Here they are! On the top of each branch next to the trunk of the plant are small darker green balls- one per branch. Those will grow in to the brussel sprouts. Aren't plants interesting??Here are the carrots we picked today! Nice and big! We are picking them a little at a time so that they don't go to waste. We shared this yummy carrot today- it was a little bitter near the bottom, but as the carrot got bigger it got sweeter and yummier.Right Megan?


Karen said...

Hey Steph! That's awesome! Way to go I'm so proud! Your carrots look huge too. Our just won't grow. They are yummy but small. We have eaten our broccoli and romaine lettuce so yummy. Our tomato plants are really big, they are the winter kind, but haven't gotten anything yet. I'll have to post some pics on my blog.

Also, your peas....what kind are they? They almost looked like sweet peas, from the look of the flower. You CAN'T eat sweet pea pods. I know you're smart and I'm sure they're not, but just in case, I wanted to save you from getting poisoned. Now this is only information I got from Joe and he could be wrong, but I thought I'd say this just in case.

You are an inspiration to those you live in aparments with your potted fruits and veggies. Yes people, it can be done! :)

Court said...

Oh those carrots look oh so yummy. What I would give for some fresh garden veggies right about now. Canned garden will have to do until late summer. Oh, summer, warm and sunny, I can hardly wait and Brynlee will be old enough to enjoy it too. I just posted some more pics of the little darling. Oh, I love having a lttle baby. If only they stayed that little for longer. Enjoy your garden

Kellie said...

those carrots are huge, yum!