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Miss Megan and her Pink Pulchritudinous Glasses

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Megan Elizabeth Shumway. She was sweet and smart and everyone liked her very much. One day in her kindergarten class they had a vision screening and when she completed her test they told her that she needed to go with her mommy to the optometrist (that's a fancy name for eye doctor). Megan's mommy took her to the Dr, who told them that Megan's left eye wasn't trying very hard to see. It was a lazy eye that wanted to let the right eye do all the work. Her optometrist told her that her condition was called Amblyopia (that's a fancy word for lazy eye) and she would need to wear glasses to help her lazy little eye want to work harder and get stronger. Megan was so excited to pick out some pulchritudinous (thats a fancy word for pretty) glasses. They were pink and Megan LOVES the color pink. She could barely stand to wait the week before the glasses were ready to pick up. Now Megan wears her pink pulchritudinous glasses every day and loves them!


Sandra said...

Much more pulchritudinous than the first pair of glasses I ever had.
You look cute Megan.

Peay Family said...

Cute specs.