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The wind began to switch, the house to pitch, and suddenly the hinges started to unhitch.....

Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh man is it windy today! I was talking to my friend on the phone and heard the kids go outside to play. About 15 minutes later, the kids came in with rubber gloves on and told me that they were "helping mother earth." i went back outside with them and saw that they had been gathering the tumbleweeds that had been rolling by. they would catch one and then put it by the side of the road (what I usually do once the storm stops so that the gardening guys can pick them up to dispose of them) Of course, since the wind was still giving us dry swirlies, this didn't have the desired effect, as the weeds wouldn't stay in their spot for more than 2 seconds. They were having a ball. I'm guessing it's more fun when it's windy. Otherwise it'd be like helping mom clean up. LOL
I had to add this one- like Megan's glove? it's on the wrong hand. Plus Matthew looks so cute in it.
If you click on the above photo you can see poor little Matthew's forehead and the bump with a small crater in it. Yesterday he ran out to the car and tripped on the carport and hit his head hard on the cement. He was crying about it and touching his owie forehead. I mosied on out to help him and realized it was a little more serious than I originally thought. he had a little rock embedded in his forehead. it wasn't bleeding cause the rock was sealing it off. I had to get Aaron to hold him while I picked it out. It wasn't easy. it ended up being deeper than I thought, maybe 1/3 of an inch. poor kid. It bled pretty good once the seal was broken LOL. I'm sure it didn't help him that I was trying hard not to laugh the whole time. It was all i could do to only have a wide smile on my face as I helped him.

Oh I guess I should tell you all about the road rash Matthew got two weeks ago. It looked pretty bad but as you can tell by the previous pics of him that it's almost completely better now. He was riding in his friend's power wheels car and the friend decided to shove him out while it was going. Matthew landed on his face and scraped his left eye up pretty good. His eye was swollen shut the next day. Here is a picture right after it happened. Please excuse the dirty face :oP ugg.


Karen said...

Steph, I love them helping mother earth. How cute is that? And poor Mathew with all his owies! I hope he's feeling better!

Jane Harward said...

Owie, Matthew...Here's a kiss better!
I love you,
Love Grandma

Katie Rasmussen said...

I have to say, I blame you for my insensitivity when others get hurt. I just end up laughing my head off. Carter says it's mean and won't let me help him if I'm laughing, I try really hard not to, but I haven't been too successful. I had him read this post just so he would see that it isn't just me. :D Love ya sis!