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Snorkeling Club- Douglas Bay

Friday, July 6, 2012

I've been here for TWO WEEKS! wow. trippy. It actually feels like I've been here longer. I love it.  This is the most beautiful place I've ever seen in my life.  I love the contrast between the fresh lush green everywhere and the old rustic houses and boats.  The ocean is so calm and blue.  The sand is black... at least at the beach I usually go to.  All the beaches have different sand.  
Pictured below is our weekly Snorkeling Club outing.  My first outing with the group.  Today we went to Douglas bay.  It's littered in a bit, but there is so much life out there!  I got to know a lot about snorkeling and the sea life there.  Elizabeth Schriver kind of showed me the ropes.

 Vase sponges-top view

 This little blue fish with the glowing spots and yellow tail is called a Jewel Fish.  I loved seeing these! It sparkles a lot more in person.

 This photo doesn't seem that interesting until you take a closer look.  See the ray burrowed in the sand?  He's facing left and his tail goes off to the right.

 Here's another ray that's much more visible.

 These little stripey guys are called Sergeant Majors.

 A porous sponge exposed

 A little underwater Treasure Island...

The Gang - Kristen, Jessica, Adam, Grant (Adam's friend that was visiting), Shannon, Katerina, Liz, and Brad.  All but Adam and Grant are student spouses.