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i am a mom/wife/textile designer gone haywire. I love to sing(music/arts AA degree), craft, exercise, and be goofy. Just living life outside the norm. And the norm thanks me for it. Oh yeah, and I like me some haikus. . . . . . . . . . What are we up to currently? Aaron recently started medical school at Ross University on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean, and the kids and I are along for the crazy ride :)

In lieu of haiku...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nope, there was no Haiku yesterday.  I was too busy to write anything.  However, I did NOT fail to write down my random thoughts to share with you all later.  I have a notebook I keep in my car and whenever I think of something that might be fun/weird to share on the blog I write it down so I will remember later.  This is the same note book that has a running list of Professorisms (see blog's right side bar) on the back cover next to the list I just started of Vanity License Plates (personalized license plates I see on the road).  Here are some I've seen:  OHBTIFL, HALOROX, STRWARS, DECOR4U, WKYRDRM, OOHHYEA, GOCUGRS. Fun fun.  I have no idea what the 5th one means, so if you figure it out, let me know in the comments.

ANYWHO, now for the random happenings/thoughts...
-Aaron bought his ticket to Dominica.  wow, that was devastating to our bank account. The trip takes two days with an overnight in San Juan (not included in the $1200 price tag).  He's flying down a month or so before me. Yes, that's right.  That means that when I go, I'll have an overnight in Puerto Rico with my two little kids....and I don't speak Spanish. yipes!

-I don't know if I have ever told you about my filter.  It's faulty.  My verbal filter.  I ALWAYS have something to say about everything that I hear and I say things that are inappropriate or dumb (but always funny or clever) because I didn't run it through my filter and decide to err on the side of caution. B and I talk about it often.  Her filter is more refined than mine ;) However, with a little practice over the last year I have learned to restrain a little and any time I think of a "your mom blah blah blah" or "that's what she said" or the even less appropriate "that's what your mom said" comment or something so dumb (but still witty) that it shouldn't even occur to me in the first place, I say "FILTER!" Unless I'm with Aaron....  However, there are some words I hear and think "man, that's a great word. I need to say that." This is a completely random list of words I like.  Off the top of my head. LOL.
Dead Grotty(grotesque)
Frak (thank you, Battlestar Galactica)
Fantastic- but I say it Fahntahzzyshtook, because in 1837 Robert Schumann composed a series of piano pieces and labeled the group "Fantasiestücke, Op. 12" and that word has stuck with me ever since we studied Schumann last year.  I love it. ha ha. ohhh mannnn... welcome to my brain.  If you click on the excerpt below you can hear one of the pieces from the Opus being played on an absolutely horrid piano. ha. but you'll get the idea.
I'm also a fan of inserting "freaking" into the middle of words like fan-freakin-tastic.
And I say "dude" a LOT.
There are a lot more I've thought of but I've got morning brain.

-I love the cone.  McDonald's ice cream cones.  The ice cream is  ehhh alright until you get to the cone.  I could eat the cone (w/melty ice cream) all day long (as long as I have some icewater- I always need ice water when eating an ice cream cone. Is that normal?). I told you this would be a random post.

-I am loving my classes.  Piano class reminded me that I actually can play.  I hate practicing at home- I need to get my piano repaired.  It's 150 YEARS off-tune and the middle C hammer doesn't play.  Really, middle C?  Why you playin me like that?  I'm supposed to play YOU.  ok, yes, I know. dumb. FILTER.

-Aaron has to buy a nice laptop for school. ug. more money. Passports, plane tickets, computers, a back-supply of diabetes meds for 2 people, full physical exams with xrays for A and me with no insurance, new hearing aids for Matthew at $3000 an ear... Did I mention that we don't have a credit card?  Now might be a good time to get one, says I.

-Remember how I'm going to NYC for 5 days in April for a Vocal Jazz competition with Distinguished Concerts International?  I mentioned it in an earlier post, but, as it turns out, everything is going to be covered- plane, hotel, registration ($650 a person), and we get a daily food stipend. woot woot!  This is good, because there was no way I'd be able to pay for it with all the other stuff we have to fork moolah out for right now. YAY!  I'm super super super super excited!  I had more supers memorized, but I figured you'd get the point.  All you jazz-hater friends of mine can just ignore this part of the post ;)

-I've been listening to the Black Keys lately...  I'm glad I revisited that. There are not many bands that can make you feel as cool while you're driving and jamming along as the Black Keys.  For your listening pleasure: (and viewing pleasure- these guys are funny)
This isn't an official music video, but the official music video is a movie preview with talking over it, so I opted for this one off of YouTube:
This has already become a long post, so I'll tell you about our
friend's restaurant, Bar[en]Grill, and our visit to 
Superstition Farmers Market another time :)  Hasta.


Nancy said...

when can you apply for and get your student loans? Those can help a lot with this stuff--- or pay off the credit card. Brilliant, pay off debt with new debt!

Clarissa B. said...

I think the licence plate is work your drum, like maybe their a drummer?

+*= #{€= (£ ={$ [(%£= )"$

haha ok I have no idea why my phone typed that! Random! It is so funny though, I thought I would leave it rather than erase it for your viewing pleasure. Your wlecome.

Anywho.. I what I was trying to say was, what is that first licence plate? Also logan has been thinking about selling his laptop for a while now. Its a macbook, let me know if your interested. He has only used it a few times.

Stephanie Shumway said...

LOL, Nancy- the first we can get loans is March, but yeah, I'm excited for those.
Clarissa- I thought something similar- but I thought it was "work your dream." The 1st one is "Oh, Beautiful" as in "Oh beautiful, for spacious skies" in America the Beautiful. The plate had a flag background on it. I told Aaron about Logan's computer and he's interested- I'll have him email or call about it. Thanks!!!

Francesca said...

San Juan is a very touristy place so almost everyone speaks English. No worries.