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Friday, February 17, 2012

The kids' Valentine's Day parties are today, so last night I asked the kids what they wanted their valentines to look like and this morning I got up and made them.... 
Megan wanted one with a cartoon triceratops that said "Have a Dino-mite Valentine's Day!" (that's what her box of chocolates from A and I said)
Matthew just wanted green yoda valentines.
After a bit of copying and pasting from the internet, here they are:

Megan wanted hers printed on blue cardstock, and Matt's were on green cardstock.  They wrote their names in the "from" field, colored in the hearts, and taped fruit by the foots on the back of every one.  They really liked that they were like a coloring book pictures so their friends could color them and liked that theirs were home-made.  I'm just posting this so I can find them again. And so you can use them, too.  I printed 4 to a page. The dinos were on a horizontal page set and the yoda was on a vertical.


Nancy said...

You amaze me! I so love that they are homemade and much better than store bought at that! But why the parties three days late? Strange public schools - gotta get them all sugared up for the weekend and not in the middle of the week I guess.

All about the Monaghans said...

Ours were homemade also but not nearly so nice.