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Upload Extravaganza~ PART 1

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ha ha!!  I love the word Extravaganza. 
It's so hideously hokey that I have to use it. 
Anywhozzle, I thought I had lost my mini SD card from my phone but it turns out that it was just in my USB mini card reader, so I stuck that bad boy in and uploaded alllllll my pictures from the last couple months.  Here is the last bit of our lives in pictures:

We planted our garden


 aaaand I have a big forehead :)  It's shy- I thought you'd like to see it exposed.  A very rare occasion.

 I made cream cheese from yogurt with an online recipe- it was WAY too sour for me. I let the whey drip out of it (above in the towel).  The yellowy stuff below is the whey, which I preserved to make homemade ricotta.

 Boot Camp in 29 degree weather.  I brought hot chocolate.  taking off my gloves to drink it was a bad decision. My fingers froze. Brittneym don't kill me for posting this picture. I look WAY worse than you!

We like to go hiking.  I am so bummed I couldn't get a picture of the cardinal we saw.  It was magnificent.  birdalicious.
no, I didn't eat it.

 Field journal.  My kids are pretty legit.

Cactus. pokey.

Ha ha- out of order pictures.  No time to organize...
here's our sprouting garden:


 Meg's flowers

Can you see it???  Summer Squash down at the very bottom of the hill... magnify... oh well.

 More hiking. lawl.  I'm so lazy to not organize this. sorry.

Matt loves to do dishes.  We've had our dishwasher fixed so many times and the dishes still end up dirtier when they come out then when we put them in so we just hand wash everything.  We'll be getting a new washer soon.  This kid's a stud.



Lori Thompson said...

all the pictures where great...except the cottage cheesey thingy. yuck! Byt pretty cool you made it from scratch! You're so talented. I wish I was you! Wait, you're in school right now? Never mind!
Miss your butt!

Rob Harward said...

Wow! Attack of the garden! The mound builders would be proud! Hey, I found an awesome book called "Teaming with microbes". It is about gardening and you can read the whole first chapter here

It was such a great book, I have to say, it changed the way I look at growing plants! (a pretty important thing when you are a farmer!)

I hope all is well with you and Aaron. I noticed you don't have a Facebook account any more. What happened?

Rob Harward said...

The mound builders would be proud! Hey, by the way, did you delete your Facebook account? I couldn't find you there....