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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ok, I have a lot to post- halloween, planting my garden, halloween bows I donated to Megan's school's fall festival raffle, our applebox oven, Aaron's 33rd birthday, getting a root canal.... but I found a cool video I WILL post about (don't worry I'll post about the other things as soon as I get pictures to show you ). I saw my mom can vegetables and jams all the time when I was younger and living at home. do you think I learned how to do it myself? of course not. Now I'm regretting it- My friend just got a pressure canner and wants us all to come over every so often to can with her. After she said that I got thinking about how I'd like to do that at home, so I looked up simple bath canning instructions and found a neat tutorial. For those of you who would like to try this at home, here you go:

LOL- Tiffany- I forgot about the cows at the end of the video. yah, that's wierd. LOL


peachytiffers said...

Are you talking about Liz? She talks about that all the time. You guys are companions right? I'm sorry I didn't get to visit you last month. I will talk to Abby and we WILL come see you. I can't wait to finally sit and visit with you! -Also, my family always canned, and I too didn't learn and am kicking myself for it. It's on my list to learn.

Sandra said...

I love canning. I didn't do any this year because of different things, but nothing is more satisfying than seeing all those jars filled with food prepared to feed your family and knowing that you did it yourself.

peachytiffers said...

Um, what's with the random cows at the end of the video clip? :)