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Megan's talent show

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Megan was in her talent show in September and I never posted about it. Since I've been doing a back log of posts, I figured it would be ok to post this one. She sang "The Icecream Store" (a song I learned when I was working for Talent Team). She did great. She forgot to do her actions, but she looked so darn cute that when she walked up to the microphone there was an audible "ahhhhh" from the audience. She sang her words clearly and on pitch. Good Job Megan! I'll put the video on as soon as Aaron figures out how to get it on here. Here is a picture of her holding the program (she was the only kindergartner on the program):
This is half of the program......
I'll put pics of her on the night of after I get them from my friend, Shelly.
The lyrics:

The Ice Cream Store
When I go to the ice cream store
I ask the ice cream man
To tell me all the flavors
As many as he can

The list is very long
I’d read it if I could
But I’d rather hear him name them
‘Cause they always sound so good

He says peppermint, pistachio,
Chocolate chip and peach
He lifts me on the counter
Because I cannot reach

English toffee and caramel
Lime and lemon freeze
Then I tell him "Thank you.
I’ll have vanilla, please!"