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A few more updates

Friday, December 14, 2007

So I realized there were still more things that I hadn't posted for all y'all to read, so here goes:
Aaron has heard back from Oregon, USC (L.A), UOP (San Fransisco), and one more... I can't remember; all asking for more money for the application and some asking for more letters of recommendation and official DAT scores (which are different somehow from the DAT scores they received from the DAT testing place??).

I have a new fun musician to listen to: Jake Shimabukuro- check out a sample of his sweet ukulele skills on the playlist at the bottom of the blog. It's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (Beatles cover). Be sure to click on the song twice.

Matthew will be going to preschool in January. Hopefully to a branch of CHIC (Center for Hearing Impaired Children) in Queen Creek. His class consists of 5 other children about his age, all of whom wear hearing aids just like him. He'll ride the short bus to school (about 8-10 miles away). Aaron is really nervous about putting a barely three year old on the bus in someone else's care. I don't know how I feel about it... I really want him to get the interaction with his peers and time with the speech therapist (he was seeing an in-home speech therapist, but those services end when he turns three in two weeks). I am just nervous about being a side-lines figure in his life. I'm used to having complete control over his environment and dealings. I was looking forward to two more years of him at home with me... I guess if it doesn't work out, I can just take him out. Please comment on this if you have an opinion, whatsoever. I'd love an outsider's perspective.

Megan is constantly saying hilarious things. The other night she told Aaron about a bad dream and how she was afraid of it being real. Aaron told her about her subconscious and how her brain just pulls things out to dream about. That seemed to appease her. A few nights later, she said her prayers and, as usual, prayed to have good dreams (as I had taught her years ago when she was scared to go to sleep for the dreams). When she was done she looked up at me and said "My brain and Heavenly Father make a GREAT TEAM! My brain and Heavenly Father make me some great dreams. My brain and Heavenly Father are good friends." I just started cracking up. I really wish I wrote down more of what she said. It's usually 3-4 things a day that she says that I should write down. I'm recommitted!


Brandis said...

I love what Megan said, that is hilarious! Kids are so funny. :) My sister has 4 year old twin girls and keeps a notebook on her kitchen counter so that when they say & do funny things she can write it down right away. I'm not that good, so I just made a word document on the computer that I keep adding to. It's amazing how fast you forget stuff that they say and it's so fun to go back and read it later. Get on the ball with that! :)

Jeni Everett said...

Your daughter sounds so funny. She sounds super smart too. To put together that Heavenly Father and her brain make a good team.

I think your little guy would benefit so much with interaction with peers and also just other adults. It's amazing how much they will grow when they feel somewhat independent. I am sure you are a wonderful mom so use your instincts!

C&K Rasmussen said...

Hey Sis. Som I tried to put a playlist on my blog but it jsut shows up as a white box, but the standalone player works..... how did you get yours to show up and be at the bottom of the page?

Melissa Braegger said...

Stephanie that is a tough one, but if it will help your little guy then I say give it a try and see how he does. Like you said you can always take him out if you don't like it.

Marc, Natalie & Our Crazy Kids said...

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page family said...

Hey, Steph! A couple of things! We miss you guys and how cute the kids are. Love the recent family pic! Happy belated birthday (I did call, I hope Val gave you the message). I was the same way about putting Jessica on a bus when she went to preschool. (I ended up driving her.) It was good to have her in the school for speech, but I was nervous about the bus too. I ended up working in the preschool later on, so I didn't have to worry about it. Like others said, trust your judgement as to what would be best for him...Good luck...let us know what happens and how it goes!

Lydia said...

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