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Monday, December 3, 2007

Megan said something funny last night in the car. We were on our way home from her grandparents house and she asked, "Mommy, does Jesus' birthday last until summer time?" I said, "Well, Jesus' birthday is actually in the spring, but we celebrate His birthday PARTY on Christmas." (She just had a birthday last month and got the concept of having your party on a different day than your actual birthday) She got really excited and said with a loud voice "Yeah, and Jesus' birthday is AWESOME!" I could just picture her doing a fisted elbow dig along with "awesome." She proceeded to tell me all about the stuff that was going to be at Jesus' birthday party; Christmas lights, yummy food, and I added "-and presents" to which she replied, "Yeah we're going to give Him presents. What should I get Him?" I almost corrected her and said "No, we get eachother presents," but I caught myself. Why the heck do we get EACHOTHER presents and not Jesus? I think I'd be a little upset at my birthday party if everyone came and gave eachother presents and I was left emptyhanded. I now have a challenge for myself and for anyone who reads this. Think about what you can get (do) for Jesus this year. What can you do for someone else in need or how can you change your own life to please Jesus? Obviously you would also benefit, so get started today!


Court said...

What a cutie. It is amazing how little children always find away for us, as their parents, to re evaluate what we sould be doing. I am taking your challenge. Its a good one.

Our Cute Family said...

Isn't it true that our little ones are still so innocent? I love how they seem to make us think about what is really important a lot of the time, just by their simple questions. I'm going to take your challenge, Stephanie! Thanks for sharing.

Melissa Braegger said...

That is so true we should give Jesus presents for his birthday. Your daughter is a genius and I am going to take that challenge upon myself-thanks Stephanie