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Orchard pictures

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ahhh life in a farming community....
I saw someone say on Facebook that now was the time to get family portraits done if they wanted to catch the orchards in full bloom.  She posted some pictures she had taken in past years and I thought they were just adorable.  I decided to pack up my little family to go out to the orchards and take our own (Med school budget means non-professional pictures).  I had Aaron pack a chair in the back of the car so I could set the camera on it.  We left the house and headed to the orchards when I thought- Hey!  My friend takes professional pictures, maybe we can borrow her tripod so I don't have to mess with angling the camera with just a chair!
I called Trisha and she said that they were about to leave to do the same thing!  She had us wait at the orchard so she could snap some pictures.  I love having friends who take pictures!!

These are us just messing around with my iPhone camera while we waited for the Wrights

Trisha did such a great job!!! Here are some of the pics she took:

Ha ha cute messy baby hair 

Ha ha we just all plopped down wherever on this one ;)  I love Matthew's arms.  That's just where and how he thought they should be

I decided if I ever want to lose weight, I just have to take family pictures first.  Any time I take family pics I lose weight right afterward.  It nice, but I look back and wish I had waited a few weeks before taking them. ha ha

 We're so cute ;)

Caleb and the stick. Love it.  I think he was sick or hungry or tired when we took these cause he isn't his usual smiley self.  Oh well, he's still adorable ;)

Thanks Trisha!!!!  You are awesome!!