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Monday, September 12, 2011

Yeah, I couldn't think of a post title. So squink it is. And the picture has nothing to do with the post.  I just thought it was weird.  Megan saw it and said "Whoa... that is creepy."  I agree.
I'm just doing homework..wait, no I'm posting on my blog.... which is what I like to call "taking a break" yeeeaaaahhhh... Thought I'd post a little sumpn sumpn (how does one spell such things???) to keep you guys fed and happy.

After my millionth phone murder, I now have a new one.  I think I'll name him George.  He is of the prepaid variety but not too shabby lookin'.  I have 1000 texts and 1000 minutes and 30MB mobile web access a month for $30.  I really hope that George lasts me more than a month.  I'd be so sad to find him at the bottom of the washer as I did his predecessor.

Update on Meg and her diabetes:  Megan had another Endocrinology appointment and for those of you who are familiar with the normal parameters of a healthy A1C test, hers was 6.5! yay, girly!  I'm so proud of my daughter for being such a big girl and taking this blow to her childhood like a champ.

Last week I cried over a bio test :)  I know, right?  Totally lame.  The teacher set a too-short time for an online quiz and I think my brain was crying.  The overflow flooded out my tear ducts and there you have it: me crying over homework. booooo.  I like to say I'm not a crier, but you know all that stuff about actions being a loud mouth and something about words not being able to talk over them.  yeah. that. waa waa.

Speaking of homework, I better get back to it.  Here I come, Mozart, Haydn, and Organic Chemistry Lab! wee wah.


Brenden+Nikki said...

Aw I feel for you. I am a total crier. Cryer? Crier? Anyway....I cry at any moment that my frustration overwhelms me which can be often. Especially if the natural sciences like Chemistry, Biology, or Geology are involved. And I always feel awesome when I realize I'm almost into my 30s and cry just about as much as I did in 5th grade over such things. It's ok. I've embraced my weakness. I figure it's just my way of letting out pent up tension. It just really stinks when it happens to be in front of other adults in a professional environment. Then it can be a little embarrassing. I hope you're feeling better! And good job Meg! I have no idea what those numbers mean but if your mom is proud of you than so am I!

Shellee said...

That picture was an odd one to begin with. It's a loving version of "Alien". Whatevah!

Hooray for brave kids!

Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

holy cow, nikki, you have made me instantly grateful for my experience and the fact that it WASNT in class- it was an online quiz. oh man would THAT have been embarrassing!! Thanks!

Sera Lucia said...

You're a Harward. You're a crier.
We can't escape such things.