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"Quiet.......silence everywhere, Milky-White"

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Have you noticed anything different about the blog in the last two weeks? no?  That there is no annoying music blaring when you come to my blog?  Isn't it wonderful?  No rushing for the volume controls or trying to scroll to the bottom of the blog fast enough to pause it before you scream at the screen in frustration?  "Noooooo!!!!!!"  yeah, I guess I decided it was time.  That i was done pushing songs on y'all.  i really like it.

Here's a nugget of kid's quote joy for y'all:

Matt:  What do tacos look like in Japanese?
Meg:  Matt, they look just the same as they do here.  Except maybe they have fish.  and vegetables.  and different meat.

With that in mind I wonder what the burrito I'm going to eat tonight looks like in Japanese.... hmmm.. I'm not sure, but I know there'll be beans and cheese and sauce ... and it'll be from Elmers... the best burrito place in downtown Chandler.  It might even be accompanied by strips 'n' cheese.  Ok, I need to stop before i eat an inanimate object within close proximity... NOMZ

Another random note- I am thinking I'd like a side job as an editor.  If anyone knows of anyone in need of such services, please give me their info, or them mine :)  Thanks, cheekies!


Sera Lucia said...

I think this is just a ruse to keep all your new awesome musical discoveries to yourself. ;)

peachytiffers said...

That's funny you say that about the music, because I always loved it and went to show Jake's brother the other day a few songs from it and I could not find it ANYWHERE on your blog. Lame. :)