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Saturday, February 20, 2010

yeah, yeah, I can only stay away so long- and since I know that you all check this blog every hour of every day I thought I'd throw you a bone.

Thought I'd let you know a little about our lives right now- the Georgia move has been pushed back- just waiting for everything to go through with the company.  It's looking like sometime in March it'll happen, but don't ask me when.  Well, you can ask me, but your query will gather you no moss.  I have, however, been looking at homes the realor has sent me by email and am getting so excited and impatient!

Here are a couple things that we've been up to:
I've been helping my friend, Wendy, with her new company blog.  She runs a cookie company out of her home and does a phenomenal job check out her blog Wendy Jo's Cookie Creations- she was the definition of awesome when she provided the dessert for my 30th birthday party last month...

WHAT?!?!?! I'm 30???  I'm just kiddin.  I'm really 21. I just look old. LOL.  Yes, that's right folks. read all about it- I'm the big 3-0.  I'm very happy with my life so far.  There are only a few things I'd like to change about me, but isn't that how everyone feels?  -and luckily I still have time to evolve- unless the next 30 go as quickly as these did, cause Holy Shlamoly how the heck am I already 30?  Ok, enough of the inner dialogue.  My Monopoly Girls threw me quite a fancy girls-night birthday shindig!  Thanks soooo much ladies- you are the best!  We had a blast!

Megan's play went swimmingly.  She was sooo cute up there.  It was quite a shocker that my usually bubbly ham of a girl appeared drugged on stage- looking with wide eyes and an open mouth at everything around her and not paying attention to what was happening. Luckily it wasn't like that the entire time. hee hee  Her papa in the show was so good about being kind to her and really acting like her dad- gently taking her hand to bring her on stage for their various scenes together, and making sure she had everything she needed.  Thanks Kyle!

I have been having fun being part of a bunco group- we each bring a small gift and the highest score gets to choose their gift first- and so on and so forth.  It's fun and I've had a blast trying to come up with cute homemade things to give.  I made and gave a Christman Countdown block set similar to this:

I can't remember what I gave for January.....
And tonight I gave a homemade headband with a flower I just learned how to make today (out of a shirt I had marked to give to goodwill)- it turned out so cute that I came home and started one for me. I only have the flower made and not cut out or on the headband strip yet, and I haven't sewn on the lace leaves yet either (cut out from the neck line), but here's the beginning of it....
The one I already made was very shabby couture with the same color lace leaves on a strip of the same raw-edged fabric.  Cute cute!  I'll have to get a picture of the other headbands I've been making... oh well.  I'll show you in another post....about my lovely ladies and our weekly craft night.. soooo fun. 

BTW- Megan was in her school talent show last week and did so awesome! She sang Tomorrow from Annie. We took her to get ice cream afterward. Her teacher came to see her in it (she was the only one from her class) and told me that the essay Megan had written last week for the multi-campus essay contest was one of the best in the class and that the judges looked at it and asked if a 1st grader had really written it. Go Meggie!


Lori Belle said...

flower looks sooo dang cute, can't wait till craft night when you teach me how to make it! :)

Lacey said...

So I'd love a tutorial of some kind on how you made the headbands. Lori was telling me about it!