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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter was fun- it came and went pretty quickly though! I hard boiled eggs and then was so wary about the mess dying them would make that we didn't even do it this year :o( I'm such a bad mom. We still have the stuff, so Megan says she wants to do it this week. I still have time to redeem myself a smidgen.....
Saturday some neighbors and I put together an Easter egg hunt and barbecue- it was lots of fun and yummy- yay bratwurst.
Megan wore a pretty dress that was handed down a couple of years ago from my friend's sister- (Thanks Robin and Wendy) and it fit perfectly and looked so cute with the headband I made for it. The pictures don't do it justice. She looked like a happy little angel walking down the hall at church.


Brandis said...

She looks ADORABLE!! I love the headband too. so cute!

Sam & Janell said...

super cute easter dress!! I love it!!

Jake and Cassi said...

I love your kids. I am so glad that we have such wonderful friends and neighbors.

TK Lucas Family said...

Hey Steph!
As long as I don't feel old, then life is great! It's when I look at all our kids and go, "Wow, our kids are growing up so fast!" That's when I realize that we are definately up there, before we know it, they will be the ones in highschool maybe hanging out together under the stairs. And yes, I did get the email from Tami. Megan does look like such an angel!

C&K Rasmussen said...

You make the cutest hair things, and Christmas orange & clove decorations and pretty much everything you make is adorable, does that talent come with motherhood? I hope so.... :) Well I miss you sister and can't wait to see you guys again!! BIG kisses!!!


Amelia Johnson said...

Hey thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I have seen yours before through someone else's in our ward. I'm not sure who though. Anyway, I added you to my blogger list. I hope you don't mind. Thanks for stopping by!