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Utah Trip - ....the other half

Friday, October 5, 2007

Have you all been waiting for the second installment of the Utah trip? Welllllll, ok here's a little note on the rest of the trip....

Katie and Carter got married!

Thank you to our wonderful and over qualified babysitters, Sarah and the Gannaways... I think they should start a band... I like the sound of that... Sarah and the Gannaways.....

Afterward, we had a lovely luncheon at....a place in Provo... I think. Cute bib, Aaron.

...where among other crazy stories told, Rand proceeded to tell us all about his friend who, while on his honeymoon on some beach, got his nipple-ring snagged on the volleyball net as he jumped to spike the ball. Needless to say, we were the loudest and most rambunctious table there (as always).

Where is Aysha??? And Renee??? I think Renee was the photographer of one of these... we'll catch her later since I dont have any of her at the table... No, I'm not letting you off the hook Renee. Here's the only one of Aysha...I have no idea what Aaron said, but it must've been absurd, right Aysh?

Of course the Harward Family singers were featured singing uhhhh.. what did we sing? I'll Be Seeing You.

The reception was beautiful and a great time was had by all.

Especially Autumn and Megan who loved wearing matching flower girl dresses.

And both Matthew and Colin were too cute in their tuxes.

We called Colin the little executive because he had a serious face on most of the time... You're fired!

We told Colin to give Megan a kiss and instead he turned around and kissed the light post. It was pretty funny. There we go........... much better!

I had to include this last picture of our family. Unfortunatly, it was the best one of us....

Here's one that didn't make the cut... LOL! I love our family!
(Matthew reverse-head-butted me. Never a dull moment...)

Bye bye love birds! Have fun on your honeymoon!!!

No, Renee, I didn't forget you :o)