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I can FLY!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

(click on picture to view full size) I constructed these wings out of tights, 2 hangers, watered down glue, and glitter. It was a lot of fun and REALLY easy! I was going to make them look like the typical wings that you see on halloween which are actually butterfly or fairy wings and then I remembered that angel wings don't look like that. This was the best I could do with the size of the hangers and no advice. I like how they turned out. Had I thought of this earlier I'd have made a bunch of fairy wings and sold them to a high end boutique in Scottsdale before halloween... oh well. I was as they say, a day late and a dollar short..


Our Cute Family said...

Great job on the wings and the costume! Look at you!! Hope you guys have a very Happy Halloween!