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Ten things to do with children before age 10

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I found this awesome page with the ten things to do with children before age ten- I didn't have room to post all of the in-depth instruction on my blog, but please visit the link- it is SO instructive on topics ranging from a daily schedule and schooling to discipline and artificially induced dyslexia. it's awesome!

Ten things to do with Children before age 10
1. Reading & Writing
Intensive Phonics; Copywork; start English Language Notebook
2. Oral Narration
3. Memorization
Bible; poetry; passages of literature; Greek and/or Hebrew alphabet
4. Hearing & Listening
Read aloud 2 hours per day from a variety of fiction and nonfiction; start History Notebook; timeline
5. Family Worship
Family Bible study morning and evening using grammar level questions
6. Arts & Crafts
Provide the time, space, and materials; develop creativity
7. Field Trips & Library
Start learning elementary library research; investigate the world
8. Work & Service
Schedule for chores; visit nursing home, etc.
9. Discipline
First-time obedience
10. Play & Exploration
Develop the imagination


Kristen said...

I have a friend, Margie Camacho, who has seven kids and who has taught elementary school for about a hundred years, mostly fifth grade. I remember her telling me years ago that there are three things every kid needs to know how to do by the time they are 10: skate, swim, and ride a two-wheel bike. Having raised kids and done foster parenting and taught multiple age groups a and having observed people for over fifty years, I can see that there was real wisdom in those seemingly simple instructions. So have fun with your kids skating, swimming and biking. (And all my kids did!)

Love, Mom