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Recounting the leg incident...

Monday, March 6, 2006


Here are some happy pictures pre-incident for you faint of heart people.  Don't scroll down to the second set of pics. You'll regret it.

ok, now for you hard core bloggers......

To give you an idea of Aaron's sledding mishap, here is an excerpt from the family letter from March 06:

"Aaron has the biggest news this month. When we went to Flagstaff with the Goodmans to sled at the beginning of the month, he had a mishap with a pole while sledding down an icy staircase and ended up in the ER. They thought it was a compound fracture at first, but after x-rays, it turns out to be just a really big gash in his leg. After 13 staples and a whole lot of pain, he left the hospital on crutches and Lortab. Today he is walking without aid and has been off the meds for about 2 weeks."

Here are some gory pictures for your viewing pleasure:

 Poor Aaron- he had a sunburn from being outside in the reflective snow, but most of the red in his face is from pain and horror at having his leg explode when he hit the railing like that.  We really did think his bone was broken- but it wasn't broken, just highly visible.

Drain in place under the staples.... yummy

Note from future me:
Aaron's nerves are all out of place under that scar- when you rub it up and down with your finger it feels to him like you're rubbing the opposite direction on the other side of his leg. cool.