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i am a mom/wife/textile designer gone haywire. I love to sing(music/arts AA degree), craft, exercise, and be goofy. Just living life outside the norm. And the norm thanks me for it. Oh yeah, and I like me some haikus. . . . . . . . . . What are we up to currently? Aaron recently started medical school at Ross University on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean, and the kids and I are along for the crazy ride :)

My Quirky Circadian Rhythm

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A circadian rhythm is an internally driven ~24-hour cycle in biochemical, physiological, or behavioural processes. Circadian rhythms are adjusted to the environment by external cues called zeitgebers, the primary one of which is daylight.

Everyone has their natural alarm clock.  For a while I would always get up at 4:45 (15 minutes before my alarm clock would ring) Now with my crazy night schedule my internal clock has been letting me sleep in until 7:45.  It is bliss. and not.  I don't know why, but no matter how satisfying I think it's going to be after staying up way too late (aka between 12pm and 3am) it never is.  I look at the clock and think "I wasted SO much time this morning" and my body doesn't even feel rested.

Internal wake-up calls aside, i have something even weirder about my circadian stop watch.  Every day I have a time- down to the minute- that I look at the clock.  The same exact time every day. every. day.  11:34am.  It's not like I look at the clock at 11:33 or 11:40 and think it counts.  No, 11:34 on the dot.  it's really weird.  Just now I looked at the clock at 11:34 and thought, "I really need to write this down somewhere, cause I'm sure it'll stop some day and then eventually I'll forget it ever happened." 

Speaking of which, I saw a really cool quote that I thought all you bloggers might appreciate.  It made me feel like my blogging was justified (since my husband gives me a hard time about it sometimes).  I will leave you with this thought- maybe it'll inspire you to blog more- or write in a journal!

Matt's kindergarten graduation

Saturday, May 28, 2011

w/ cousin, Allyson

With teacher, Mrs. McKinney

mom n dad

grandma and grandpa shumway

kindergarten class reciting the preamble to the constitution.  yeahhhhhh... one of the reasons I love this school. patriotism.

Best Werge Ever

Friday, May 27, 2011

WERGE: Word + Merge
It's quite common- wether out of creative despiration or ignorance we've all merged words to fit our linguistic expressive needs. 
Take Ginormous (Gigantic + Enormous ) 
I bet you didn't know it's been in use since 1948.  Wow!  I thought it was relatively new. This morning Matthew was still in a sleepy daze and Megan and he were dicussing if horses were real. Megan was trying to convince him that they did, in fact, exist. 
"Matt, they could stomple all over guns because they have sharp hooves and they're strong animals"  First of all, I love conversations like this. I could sit and listen to 2nd grade logic all day, but I had to get up and blog the werge <-----coining that term, BTW. 

Stomp + Trample = STOMPLE

Kudos, my young padawan. 
We will completely transform the English language by the time your children are your age. Mu ah ha ha ha <---- That's an evil laugh. Alter your recitation accordingly.

Milk all down my front

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yep- I just spilled milk all down my front.  Why does the cup come at me so fast? geeeeze.  yes, I was using a cup (a Lightening McQueen mug if you must know).  I think sometimes my spacial awareness is lacking in accuracy.  "Oh shoot- my face was closer than I thought it was"-then the milk floods my face and there goes milk all down my front. bleh.  By the way, it's whole milk :)  it was on sale for 99¢ a gallon. wee wah! Doesn't whole milk just give you a warm feeling inside? yummmm. I'm guessing that warm center is the weight gain center. It's warm cause you've given it work to do when you drink things like whole milk. Man were we wrong about that warm feeling inside. 

HOLY SHNIKIES!  It hurts my throat when I sneeze. wowza.

Do you just love these totally random posts? 

BTW- The Mikado is double cast and the other two leads fit perfectly with Aaron and I- meaning- the other male lead is lean and small and the other female lead is taller... Last night at practice they had us coupled to sing with them instead of eachother (ie I, being 5 feet tall, was with the other male lead instead of Aaron).  I think that they're going to end up putting Aaron and I in different casts. booo!!!  Dang my shortness.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I don't know why I call Tuesday- Choozdee.  I think it's because of this guy named Jan that's in shows with us at copperstar- he's got a Utah accent (I don't actually think he's from UT) and he says Tuesdee.. I think it evolved from there.  Thanks for one more layer of quirkiness, Jan Jan.

As of today, Choozdee, I still have a sore throat, however, I feel  like it's improving and so I'm not going to the doctor for it.... only time and a non-infected brain will tell if it was the right decision.  BTW- that is NOT my throat. gross. My throat has a longer uvula. lol

We had our first Mikado rehearsal last night.  yeah.  with my throat thing.  I only sang when I absolutely needed to to save my voice from being out of commission for even longer.  It was fun and went too late for my liking, but I signed my name on a contract that said I'd be there from 6-10 M-Th. The kids were bored and so I let them lay down on the couches with their blankets/pillows to read/play with dad's phone. Luckily this schedule only overlaps with school for one week.  BTW Aaron sings like an angel.  I really hope you all get a chance to come and see this show because I don't know if any of you know how well your friend, Aaron, sings.  He really could be a professional. This music shows off his tenor voice and I LOVED singing our duet last night.  We harmonize so well together.  anyway... enough about that...

I just ate the last piece of left-over quiche for breakfast.  NOM I have the best recipe for quiche haters.  I put the recipe in our family cook book and my sister made it for her husband who hates quiche and he scarfed it down.  really, it's scrumdishalous <-----coining that term.  It's all mine.  I might just put the quiche tutorial on here sometime soon.  Hows about you let me know you want it and if enough people want it, I'll post it.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

TODAY I didn't go to church or choir because I'm sick. bleh.  My throat hurts super bad especially when I swallow, my ears are stuffy and sore and I'm sleepy.  I'm glad that I didn't get it until after the recital- RIGHT after the recital.  I heard strep is going around. boooo. I really hope it's not that! oh- by the way the recital went well and was fun.  My family was sitting in the front row and for one part I'm supposed to point at people in the audience- I pointed at Megan and she LOVED it- she had a huge smile on her face and both kids were giving me thumbs up the whole time.

The kids have been watching Veggie Tales lately and have made up their own imaginary game- Reptile Tales.  They tell the same bible stories but instead of using vegetables they use all their lizard, snake, turtle, and dinosaur toys.  A couple of hours ago I heard them chanting "We MUST help Israel! We MUST help Israel!"  from Matt's room.  It was pretty funny.

Almost done with Aaron's medical school application to Ross. Yay!  I just wanted to take a minute to brag on my husband, which I decided I should do more often on this here blog.  Aaron is super smart about everything. and I mean EVERYTHING.  One time we were playing Scene it Battle of the Sexes with a group of friends- It was men against women and the questions were either things that only men would know or only women would know (have I lost you yet?) Well, the men were asked a women's question: "What are the five spices in Chinese five spice powder?" Awesome.  We women thought we had it made with that one- there was no way any of the men knew it.  Aaron quickly rattled them off:  "hmmm anise, cloves, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, and fennel."  What the???  I hadn't even heard of Chinese Five Spice Powder!  And I cook!  and HE DOESN'T!  Ok, I lied, he's cooked one time in our marriage and it was 1. to prove he could, 2. for me on my 27th birthday, 3. Time intensive, and  4. yummy. :)   Cashew Chicken Stir-fry. nom. 
It's not just about complete random things that he is smart, either.  He has an opinion on pretty much everything because he's read up on everything. He has perfect grammar. Sometimes I wonder where he finds the time to learn so much. However, don't expect him to remember your name the first time around. The name section of his brain is crowded with other stuff :)  Like the lyrics to his favorite portuguese Los Hermanos song, or the fact that Colin Meloy was born in Helena Montana in October of '74, or the molecular structure of nucleic acids.


Friday, May 20, 2011

I have a recital tonight- it's for all the students of my voice teacher.  It'll be at CGCC's PAC at 7 for anyone who is interested.  I think I'm probably not going to do very well. I feel so drained!  Yesterday when I practiced with the accompanist (fellow who plays the guitar(not really, that's just a movie quote)) my energy and expression just was bleh.  And my voice was bleh.  Do you like how I'm talking up this recital? LOL  I'm sure it'll be fine..... really..... Anywho, if you want a cheap date come on down.

Confession #1

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I drink out of the milk jug as I stand
in front of the wide open fridge. yup.

Oh shoot! it's Haiku Wednesday!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mountainous Pile
Folding my patient laundry
Oh how it's missed me

Ze Cornish Pasty

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

lame title- just go with it.
I brought my leftovers with me to my conducting class a few weeks ago for lunch and although I was a little embarrassed to heat up this visually unappetising  mass of aromatic food in the company of my classmates, I was not ashamed enough to refrain.  mmmmm it was sooo good... turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, gravy all muddled together in a heap of unabashed culinary glory..... oh man... the redolent thanksgiving aroma made my classmates drool.  Ed, the professor, (and yes, we called him Ed- the adept Edmund Hughes, conductor extrordinare) took a reluctant look at the contents of my tupperware and asked "What IS that?"

"It's a Cornish Pasty.  From the Cornish Pasty Company"

"What's the Cornish Pasty Company?" he asked

There were gasps from around the room and then everyone came in at once with "You've never heard of the Cornish Pasty Company?" and "Ohhh it's soo goood!" and "You HAVE to go the Cornish Pasty Company"

Well, to tell the truth, I had never been to the Cornish Pasty Company before I got my turkey dish and was quite surprised that so many people knew about it.  I guess I became cool when I went.  Who knew?  I just thought it was yummy.

Would you like me to tell you about the Cornish Pasty Company?  No?  ok.

ohhh wait... you would?  it's hard for me to tell through this computer screen. you're gonna have to think louder than that if you want me to hear you.

A Cornish Pasty is made from pastry dough, and should be shaped like a ‘D’ and crimped on one side, not on the top. It should include beef, swede (called turnip in Cornwall), potato and onion, with a light seasoning of salt and pepper - keeping a chunky texture. The pastry should be golden and retain its shape when cooked and cooled. The pasty has been described as a "functional food" as it appears to be designed with the purpose of being easily carried, retains its heat for a long time and can be eaten with the hands.  There are many recipes for pasties these days but they for the most part stick to meat, potatoes, vegetables, and gravy.

History of the Cornish Pasty (pronounced past-y not like tooth paste, but like something happened in the past)  The exact origins of the pasty are unclear, despite the modern pasty's strong association with Cornwall (located in the south west tip of Great Brittain). It became popular in Cornwall during the 17th and 18th centuries, where tin miners and other workers adopted it due to its unique shape, forming a complete meal that can be carried easily and eaten without cutlery.  Side-crimped pasties gave rise to the suggestion that the miner might have eaten the pasty holding the thick edge, ensuring that his dirty fingers (possibly including traces of arsenic) did not touch food or his mouth. Other theories suggest that miners ate the pasty from end to end, and the earliest Cornish recipe book, printed in 1929, claims that "the true Cornish way" to eat a pasty is from end to end, so that any uneaten portion could be saved for later. Any excess pastry from a miner's pasty might sometimes have been left for the knockers, capricious spirits in the mines who might otherwise lead miners into danger. There is also a humorous belief that the pastry on a good pasty should be strong enough to withstand a drop down a mine shaft. The pasty's dense, folded pastry could stay warm for 8 to 10 hours.
Traditional bakers in former mining towns will still bake pasties with fillings to order, marking the customer's initials with raised pastry. This practice was started because the miners used to eat part of their pasty for breakfast and leave the remainder for lunch; the initials enabled them to find their own pasties.

Want to eat one?  A really yummy one?  in a hip dig?  Yes I just said that. don't mock me.  it really was a cool place- A place where they want you to think that they're not trying to be cool- that it just happened naturally, but oh boy are they trying.  Just like we all are, right? ;)

Yeeeaaaahhhhh... anyway... 

We had fun with Hipstmatic again.. sorry all you who like clear pictures.  We're just weird like that.
 We love the vintage.  the imperfect.  the quirky. the artsy.

 The bar..
oh wait- i didn't mean to say we like the bar.  I just meant "here's the bar."  that's it, I swear.

 We sat European style (no seperation of parties.  You're next to whoever is at the table... see the guy behind the menu in that picture down there? He was next to Meg- I think he didn't want me to take his picture.... hmmm... ...nah. I bet he loved it.  I wish he had moved that menu though- it kept getting in the way of his face. he has a lot to learn about modeling.
 We had these wicked awesome candles to kind of seperate the two families at the table.  i'm full of fun adjectives today.

 Oh ha- heres the other "try for a cool menu picture" picture. You can't see the menu but my eye looks sweet.  I'm a cyborg.

 My yummy food- The Pilgram: roasted turkey/chicken, sweet potatoes, grilled onions and stuffing.  Served with red wine gravy and cranberry sauce. Wow. It was spectacular.  I have to say, though, that it was even better as leftovers- all of the flavors melded together. wow.  i kind of wish I had eaten less at the restaurant so that I'd have more left over. It was delectable.

My food AND my family.  It doesn't get better than this.

One of our desserts.... caramel apple cinnimon pasty served hot with icecream. It made our eyes pop out and and our tummies say "howdy" (If you don't get the reference it's ok.  I'm just that wierd anyway)
The Apple Caramel was actually a dessert appetiser because they put the wrong dessert on our ticket- so they just gave us the wrong one and said "the right one will be out soon."
The right dessert was a peanut butter jelly and banana pasty with heavy whipped cream. ruh? yup. it was yummy :)

 Oh, I forgot to mention how hip the set up was- all the benches were restored church pews and the patio had booths and tables and curtains as if it were inside.  The only lighting was those wine bottle candles.   You can see two ppl at their table outside the window in this pic... (wow, this picture totally looks like it was captured in the 70's and not just because of the hipstamatic finish)

Did I mention that the candles were the only lighting?  It was pretty dark in there... I loved it.  Who wants to see their food?  pshaw. totally overrated.
 Not this dark, but you get the picture.

Go visit the Cornish Pasty Company- it is a delectably eccentric experience and you'll love it!

Weird Day

Monday, May 16, 2011

What a weird day.  I am wearing one of Megan's shirts (she's 8).  Granted it's too big for her and I'm wearing it open over a tank (it's a bright blue/black checked button up), I still have this strange realization and excitement about our future fashion endeavours..... I'm going to be able to share clothes with my daughter. what the?  How did I not realize this before?!?!  It's like when I used to steal my sister's clothes.... but better.  Anyway, I thought I'd share that with y'all.  Its a strange and wonderful world.  I can't wait for her to grow bigger :)

Aaaaaand again......

Friday, May 13, 2011

Anyone remember this picture?
  I'm in the middle between Monique Maughnn and Angie Rhoton.  I think I was about hmmmm maybe 20 or 21 when I last played Yum Yum in the Mikado.  This was one of my favorite roles.  I love this show!  It's sooo fun!  Well, it turns out that I'm going to be playing the role once more, but this time I get to have a different Nanki-Poo (Lead male). drumroll please... it's Aaron!
Yep, Aaron and I will be performing in CGCC's Mikado together again and I get to smother my honey with kisses and faint when I listen to his beautiful tenor voice!  I'm SO excited for Aaron to be Nanki-Poo.  I don't know of another show that would highlight his smooth, make-you-melt tenor voice the way this one will :)  Well, besides Pirates of Penzance, but he has already been Frederic in POP (@CGCC).  AND our kids will be in it, too.  Anyway, I thought I'd share the exciting news that I got an hour ago.  The performances will be June 24-29 at CGCC's PAC.

Picture Pages

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ahhh nostalgia...  remember Bill Cosby's Picture Pages?  I loved Cosby.  And Fat Albert.  And Picture Pages.  It reminds me of being a little girl in long blond pigtails and a summer playsuit.  Remember playsuits?  The short uni-outfit cinched at the waist and tied at the shoulders? Those were just rad. I wish they were sold now- I'd buy megan a million of those.  Hmmm..... summer project?
1980's aside, I just thought I'd add some pictures to my blog that I'd forgotten to add previously.  no words. Just pictures. Enjoy.

Haiku Wednesday

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

gotta go to bed
finals are almost over
boot camp in the morn.

(that woot didn't count in the 5-7-5 pattern. and neither does this)

ug. Finals Week

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yes, folks, it's finals week.  I have a lot to do, but come Saturday it's OVER  WOOO HOOO!!!!  Spectacular feelings of desertion aside, I feel SO FAT TODAY!!! I hate these days!  I just figured I'd post that on here since bloggers usually and unintentionally (or maybe intentionally) present themselves as being perfect-nothing-goes-wrong-in-my-life-people.  Well, just in case you all wanted to know, I have a sink full of dishes that I won't get to until tomorrow (maybe), a ton TON of laundry waiting to be folded (my kids have to dig for their socks every morning), and I'm wearing my fat jeans today.  Alls I gotta say is BRING IT ON! :)  Isn't life awesome?

MCAT, Cute Matthew, Juries

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sooooo.. a lot of you know that Aaron took the MCAT to apply to medical school a little bit ago- well, he got a great score back and now we're working on applications. Woot!  Life goes on!  It's amazing, right?!  Good job, Sweety!  I have to say, today I had lunch with Aaron spur of the moment and it was really nice.  I miss just us time.  You sometimes forget about real life and the people who mean the most to you when you are in school up to your neck.  Thanks for a nice lunch, babe (And for picking up my slack this semester).  I needed it after my stressful juries.  I was in a little bit of a funk and you really brightened my day :)

Awwwww how sweet. ok, enough of the mooshies.  I also have to say that I got to spend some time with my good friend, Brittney W, today and that was awesome, too.  I NEVER get to just sit and talk.  Thanks, Chica (Oh, BTW, I posted Aaron's news cause when I shared the info with BW she said "Wha?! Why didn't you POST that?!" I may be misquoting, sorry- at least it's not plagarism, right? LOL inside joke, sorry blogiverse!)

Ok, moving on- I got Matt's kindergarten graduation pictures back this week...

Awwww... what a stud.  And seriously?  They couldn't get MATTHEW to smile?  He's the smiliest kid ever.  Ah well, he's still cute.  I'm going to be sad when he doesn't have pudgy fingers anymore. booooo.  I just want to nibble on them. They're so cute.

Another note- it's officially hot enough to swim but too cold to get in the water.  Meg and I went last Saturday morning and the water was FREEZING (no, not literally) so we laid by the pool and proceeded to get sunburned.  I rubbed my back just a second ago and my hand got wet-apparently I'm now peeling. gross.

Oh yeah- I mentioned the Juries. ug.  This morning I had my final exam for private voice instruction.  The final consists of singing for a panel of 5 voice teachers (none of them your own).  They judge you on your vocal skill, pronunciation (at least three songs have to be in a foreign language), diction, presence, etc etc etc. 
(Oh, a little side note- one of the judges is an opera singer FROM Italy, so he'll definitely know when you mess up your Italian- are they TRYING to give me a heart attack?!)
When you enter the room you hand the accompaniment folder to your voice teacher and then hand a jury sheet to each judge.  This is a paper that lists all of the songs you've worked on this semester, the composers, and which of them you've chosen to present for the jury (for my grade level you have to have at least 5 songs ready to present).  You get to choose the first song that you sing.  After that, they get to choose whatever song off the list they want to hear.  It's 12 minutes of torturous singing (ha ha- I'm so dramatic).  Usually they only get to about 3 songs...
Now, EVERY vocal major who does juries has that one song that they are cloudy on the words or just recently memorized and DONT want the judges to pick.  It's the singer's "lemon" song if you will.  I made it through my three songs unscathed and  I thought I was in the clear and then they wanted to hear another song.  Wha?!  Why me?  Maybe I should've taken a slower tempo on the other songs...  well, they picked my lemon for the 4th song and I forgot words.  bleh.  slap the forehead.  oh well.  I'm just glad it's over! sigh...  The songs I sang were:
1. Un moto di gioia, MOZART (the song I chose to sing first)
I linked for you in case you want to hear them (random youtube links not sung by me- and not all of them are great quality singing, but good enough to get the idea)
Cecilia Bartoli that sings Un moto di gioia on that link is my opera idol. She's amazing. And makes really funny faces when she sings :)

Ok, I need to write my term paper about the history and significance of the Stradivarius violin now.  Good night, y'all!

Oh- one last note- My voice teacher, Jennifer Nagy, is holding a recital for her vocal students on May 20th at 7pm at the PAC at CGCC Pecos Campus if anyone is interested in attending.  It's free and it's fun to go and listen.  I think it shouldn't be very long- maybe only a few (5 or 6?) of us are singing and maybe just one or two songs each. that way you can grab an ice cream after :)

Merrily We Roll Along

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hi friends- thanks so much for your support and kind comments! I love you all- except you, Hal, you're a real stinker.

Anyway, I thought I'd catch you up on the goings on- Megan just gave her first shot all by herself today at lunch time. Right in the thigh and then at dinner she did it in her tummy. What a grown up 8 yr old. She's dealing with it well- She has a friend in her class named Rylee that was just diagnosed with it 6 months ago and they sit and eat together and go to the nurse's office together. About a month ago Rylee's mother came in to educate the class about diabetes and everything that Rylee had to do like poke her finger and take shots and count how many carbohydrates were in her food. Megan was super interested in it and paid very close attention and came home and told me all about it. I think that was a tender mercy that helped Megan in this whole situation. She already knew all about it and didn't have the whole "fear of the unknown" factor.  Anywho, I am so impressed with how smoothly this went for her. I'm taking her in to Cardons on Wednesday for diabetes education.

Everything has come into place so easily that I can honestly say the only thing (besides the diagnosis) that I would change in this whole scenario is the timing. I think that one week from now would've been an excellent time to get the news instead of right before finals when I'm trying to memorize Italian and German lyrics for my juried vocal recitation on Friday and write term papers for a few classes- and study to be able to correctly identify the composer, genre/style/form, date, and texture for 25 Baroque Compositions just by hearing them. And perform a psychology experiment.  It's a little much. With that being said, I smashed my last vocal recital on Saturday- the Musical Theatre Concert (as opposed to classical). I sang Vanilla Ice Cream from She Loves Me and pulled it off swimmingly. it was awesomesauce. I will get a recording and put it up here. ok, I gotta get to my homework.  I'm on the clock. life's clock. tick tock.